Bee Larvae
April 3, 2012/From the Hive

The Rescued Ladies in Hive Three

Last summer in late August I cut the floor bottom out of a childrens playground set where this crew decided to make a home. Since it was so late in the season, I decided to leave the crew on the cedar planks and cut there length to fit into a standard Langstroth hive body. Last week Bruce and […]

January Nuc hole
February 9, 2012/From the Hive

Busting Out?

Last week on a warm day of our unseasonable warm winter, I decided to take the outer cover off and take a peek into Hive Number One, and this is what I saw. This could be a sign (lots of bees at the top of the hive) that the bees have exhausted their honey stores, […]

Ingenious Ladies
February 6, 2012/From the Hive

A New Entrance & Exit Hole

On this hive the ladies decided to use their propolis on a human flaw in the gap of the wood on a shallow super. After almost completely sealing the gap, they then decided to make two entrance/exit holes, which they have been using as a top entrance to get in and out of the hive. […]

Bee Coming Home January 2011
January 26, 2012/From the Hive

Hive Update Number One

A peek inside our all natural honey and the process we use to create the best stuff on earth. The nest is abuzz and the workers dutifully forage for pollen each morning. As the bees return the fruits of their labor will become our spring honey harvest. Orders will be available soon on . […]