All of our hives are 100% treatment free.

We are hobbiest beekeepers who just like the honey bees want to share in the fruits (sweetness) of our labor. We specialize in rescuing honey bee hives, cut-outs, which are colonies thriving without beekeepers’ intervention (feral hives). Therefore, none of our hives have ever been treated, or ever will be, with preventive disease or varroa mite chemicals. A survival stock that fights back naturally to survive their current status in the world. Once hived in standard Langstroth deep hive bodies our bees are encouraged to continue creating their own foundation, afterall wouldn’t you want to build your own house?

In addition to all of our hives being 100% treatment free, they are not fed after their first successful year of winter survival; unless it’s an emergency, and even then it’s honey frames from our apiaries. Yes, this all takes more time and awareness of our ladies and drones, but in the end it is closest to their natural environment. Hence, why our end products are the best! Our Raw Honey is never heated (pasteurized), and coarsely strained, so all of the antioxidants, enzymes, proteins, traces of pollen, wax, & amino acids are in the jar. We will let you decide why us, why our products are superior to others. Of course, it starts with our love for the complex social structure of Apis Mellifera, and the importance of their survival in the world.