Contact us for free immediate, social distancing, honey bee swarm removal.


We are your unwanted bee specialists. Use the form to contact us for an estimate, depending on your location a forty dollar trip charge may apply. All trip charges include an infrared thermal camera hive identification within the structure. Include your location and urgency and we will relocate honey bee colonies to a new hive of their very own where they can continue to conduct the business of being bees & pollination.

Don’t Destroy a Swarm

Spring and Summer are the time of year that honey bees can swarm and cause issues on your property. This occurs when the hive grows and is Apis melliferas natural why of reproducing themselves. Swarms should not be considered dangerous or harmful, but need to be caught immediately before they choose a not so ideal location to call home. Whatever you do, DO NOT spray the swarm, or an established hive/colony with pesticide or water! Contact us for free swarm capture and repatriation.