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Do you know what color/s honey bees can not see? Hint,, it’s not pink or yellow,,


  1. Aljun
    July 19, 2012 at 6:29 am

    Good morning. I found your site after a Sherman tovelisien station discussed bee activity and how to possiblly deal with them. I have had the little guys for several years, in a lower area of my roof. I have tried everything to get them to move, (Different smells). Your site suggests that you have a method of getting them to start a new place, apart from my roof. That would be great, as I will never remove them the hard way. I hope that you can assist.Arthur Miller519 Utley RoadWhitesboro, Texas 76273 / 903-816-1399

  2. Wiji
    July 22, 2014 at 10:46 pm

    that Llama or Alpaca poop put around a hive will keep bears away. I tried it, and after hanvig the top of my hive knocked off by a bear, so far it has worked to keep them away. This is with an electric fence too.One caveat though, that Jean didn’t tell me. The bees don’t like the poop because it gives off a pheromone and they become very aggressive. We both got stung, even when I went out at 10:00 PM, well after dark, to try to put it around the hive. They came out of the hive and chased me into the kitchen, where four bees followed me in, and I got stung.Later I went out again with my bee suit on this time, and I got the poop spread. Jean says to wet it and the bees will settle down. Luckily Mother Nature did that for me. You might want to try it if you can.

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