Bee Larvae
April 3, 2012/From the Hive

Last summer in late August I cut the floor bottom out of a childrens playground set where this crew decided to make a home. Since it was so late in the season, I decided to leave the crew on the cedar planks and cut there length to fit into a standard Langstroth hive body.

Last week Bruce and I decided it was time to transfer them into standard frames. He made two small wooden cross bars and screwed them onto the planks. Afterwards we lifted them out with these wooden pieces (handles) and set them upside down on the table. Then the real fun began! We individually cut each comb, and placed it into a standard deep frame, keeping an eye out for the queen to temporarily capture her with our queen catchers in pocket (which we never did spot).

In the first picture one can see eggs, larvae, and developing bees. Unfortunately, there was some carnage due to the nature of the task. However, I saw my first bee being born, attempted my first split, and remained stingless for the day. I would say that it was a great day! I will keep you posted on how the split progresses when I take a peek into it next week.


  1. Matthew
    April 16, 2012 at 2:49 am

    We estimate that the hive of bees would be 1,200 bees. We found this awesnr by counting 1/4 of the picture. We found that there were 70 bees in 1/4 of the picture. We added 70+70+70+70=280 bees. Then we rounded 280 to 300 bees. Next we knew that 300 was just 1/4 of the entire bee hive. So we multiplied 300 4=1,200 bees in the bee hive. We are so glad that we did not have to count 1,200 bees! Thank goodness we know how to estimate!Mrs. Martel’s 2nd & 3rd graders

    • Chukwuji
      July 19, 2012 at 6:31 am

      I have built a warre with two hive boxes for my back yard but have not yet aquired any bees. My qutoeisn is, specifically, hows one install bees into a warre hive? Do you just dump in the top hive box or perhaps remove a few top bars and load them through that space into the next box down? Please let me know. Gerry

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