May 15, 2020/From the Hive

Who knows what time it is?

Propagation time of course;) This particular swarm, first tried a shallow cavity in the homeowner’s back yard tree 16 feet up from the ground to call there new home. I suppose the scout bees convinced everyone that is was “big enough” and got overruled on the cavity’s size to house everyone once they arrived? A […]

October 22, 2019/From the Hive

The Chimney Crew

We were contacted about honey bees living in a chimney off and on over the past ten years. After the initial inspection, it appeared that one side of the flue was capped off with a piece of plywood. Unfortunately, the wood began to warp at some point, creating access to the chimney for the bee colony. […]

October 14, 2019/From the Hive

The Play House Crew

This started out as what I thought would be a “quick relocation” because the homeowner said that she first noticed bees flying in and out of the play house about three weeks ago. That should have been my first red flag, because I have done several relocations when homeowners say something similar. I don’t think they are intentionally […]

September 14, 2018/From the Hive

The Sprinkler Box Crew

This is the second time I have relocated a honey bee colony that thought the sprinkler control valve box would be a great location. This one was on the UCCS campus, and I was connected to it by way of a fellow member of Pikes Peak Beekeeper’s Association. It must have been a fairly small swarm for the […]

August 31, 2018/From the Hive

Late August Swarm

I normally get a few calls in August to collect swarms, but this one was August 29, 2018. By far the latest into August I have collected a swarm. This particular one decided to hang out under the second story eave of a hotel. According to Jim, he noticed a golf ball size of bees on the wall […]

August 17, 2018/From the Hive

The Trashy Bee Crew;)

The conversation over the phone with this home owner was quite interesting. Initially, she saw bees entering/exiting from her trash can and thought it was because she threw away some old frozen fruit into it. This sounded feasible because honey bees are naturally drawn to sugars, and can smell them from miles away through there antennas. I am not […]

August 15, 2018/From the Hive

The Shed Crew

According to the homeowner, this colony had been living in his shed for about three years. They were not a problem to him once he moved all of the items he wanted access to out of this shed and put them into the adjacent shed on the premises. As the colony expanded its comb into the entire front wall of the cavity, the number […]