May 12, 2021/From the Hive

First Swarm Call of the Season

I would have never guessed that the first swarm call of the season (May 8, 2021) would come from Denver. I figured by the time I called and found a local beekeeper in Denver willing to pick it up, I would be thirty minutes away. Naturally, it has been cold and rainy ever since, so […]

May 15, 2020/From the Hive

Who knows what time it is?

Propagation time of course;) This particular swarm, first tried a shallow cavity in the homeowner’s back yard tree 16 feet up from the ground to call there new home. I suppose the scout bees convinced everyone that is was “big enough” and got overruled on the cavity’s size to house everyone once they arrived? A […]

October 22, 2019/From the Hive

The Chimney Crew

We were contacted about honey bees living in a chimney off and on over the past ten years. After the initial inspection, it appeared that one side of the flue was capped off with a piece of plywood. Unfortunately, the wood began to warp at some point, creating access to the chimney for the bee colony. […]