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Currently available the week of May 29, 2022. Limited supply of Five frame treatment free nucleus hive with a laying queen and her brood who was chosen out of our apiary for her survival, hygienic, temperament, and egg laying traits. These nucleus hives are meant to be temporary homes, so colony (five frames) will be ready for insertion to a standard Langstroth eight or ten frame deep hive body. Twenty five dollars will be refunded if nucleus box is returned, or instantly save it by bringing your own equipment to transfer nucleus hive into. If you choose this option, this will need to happen at sunrise or sunset on scheduled pick-up date. Local PICK-UP only! Email will be sent to work out final details and exact pick-up day, as well as location in the Spring of 2022.

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2 reviews for Five Frame Nucleus Colony

  1. Russell Dowling

    I got two of these nucs this year and they have both done fantastic! One is now halfway done with filling a third deep and the other is almost done with the second. Very strong, healthy bees. I would absolutely recommend them and plan on getting more next spring!

  2. Marcus L.

    Purchased a nuc last fall and the bees have absolutely thrived. Happy and hard working hey have expanded and grown to their 3rd box. The nuc and the shared knowledge were invaluable. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my next purchase.

    • ltfields

      Thank you Marcus, it is always my pleasure to spread honey bee knowledge & genetics;). Ultimately though, beeks have to find the management strategy that best suits them! You have come a long way;)

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