One Pound of All Natural Honey

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All Natural Pure Honey made by nature for you and me. This is our one pound squeezable bottles. Our Raw Honey is never heated and is coarsely strained, so all the nutritional and medicinal value remains in the jar. Color varies from light, amber, to dark. If you have a preference, please make a note of it when ordering. The more you buy the more you will need, and the cheaper it is per pound!


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5 reviews for One Pound of All Natural Honey

  1. Allison (verified owner)

    I am a honey fanatic and this is easily one of the tastiest honeys I ever tried. Happy bees = phenomenal honey! WoW!

  2. Julia Summers

    Love this honey! It’s so smooth and delicious. Thank you for your meticulous work! (the bees too)

    • ltfields

      Thank you for the kind words Julia & appreciating the work the bees and I do:)

  3. Shannon

    Nothing is sweeter than pure honey. Got this and the mason jar honey from two different beehives and both are delicious. I’ve ordered from Fields of the Natural Honey before and the quality is still fantastic. I like to have my honey with different types of southern style biscuits and it really hits the spot. Honey is smooth, sweet, and it has that unique from the beehive taste that is hard to explain but oh so delicious. You can’t go wrong with either the bottle or glass jar. I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

    • lazarusconan

      Shannon, Thank you for leaving an honest review of our products on your taste buds;) I look forward to being your honey/product provider in the future.

  4. Kevin (verified owner)

    This honey is fantastic and unique, but the feature I like the most is that it eliminates my hay fever completely. It is like a magic wand. Of course, during the hay fever season I need to take it every day, but who could complain about taking some of this regularly?

    • lazarusconan

      Kevin, I am glad our honey helps with your hay fever. Raw honey has an enormous amount of health benefits. Thank you for your purchase!

  5. Jeanette Martin

    We love this honey!!! It relieved our hay fever last Aug/Sept and the beekeeper knows everything about bees! So thankful we can purchase his wonderful local honey.

    • lazarusconan

      Well, almost everything, but always learning something new;) Our Raw honey can definitely help with whatever ails you. Thank you!

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