Rustic Fern Cylinder Candle


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One (1) beautiful rustic fern cylinder pure one pound beeswax candle. No colors or fragrances are added to the wax, only pure beeswax, with its beautiful natural color and sweet scent. Their dazzling warmth creates a blissful and beautiful aroma around your home. Our beeswax is an all natural product, therefore color can vary slightly depending on the frame that the wax came from making each candle unique. Beeswax candles by weight burn brighter, cleaner, and twice as long as ordinary paraffin wax candles. These are the only candles for anyone with chemical sensitivities, asthma, or allergies. Their flames also emit the full spectrum of light and release negative ions that are believed to improve air quality, stimulate the pituitary gland, and enhance health and vitality. Discount offered for three (3) or more candles. Contact us under Sweet Services to discuss.

Candle Care

Unlike the wicks in most commercial candles, our candle wicks are lead-free. These braided cloth wicks are less rigid than those containing metals, so keep them trimmed after each use. Because there are no additives in our candles they may develop a white film (called “bloom”) over time. This is normal and is a sign of their purity. One can choose to rub it off with a soft cloth or leave it.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 7.1 × 2.5 in


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