August 15, 2018/From the Hive

According to the homeowner, this colony had been living in his shed for about three years. They were not a problem to him once he moved all of the items he wanted access to out of this shed and put them into the adjacent shed on the premises. As the colony expanded its comb into the entire front wall of the cavity, the number of bees flying in and out became a nuisance to his neighbor (not sure how because there is a fence between their yards). Therefore, he decided it was time for them to be relocated. This was a fairly easy relocation because the inside wall of the building was sheetrock. After removing this layer we were greeted by the defensive line of the colony, but overall this colony was not overly aggressive through the process of relocating them. I was thankful for that because it was already toasty on the inside of the building, and the last thing I needed was multiple stings to contend with.

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