June 23, 2013/From the Hive

It was great meeting the Hardman’s for this removal in Monument, which is about 15 milles from Colorado Springs.

We thought this was a first year hive since there was a roofer doing some repair work the previous week, and he said he did not notice any bee activity while he was on the roof (never believe a blind roofer).

This hive had been under the soffit for several years. One can always tell, if a feral hive has been there for some time, by looking at the amount of comb and the color. Honey bees reuse comb as needed and over time it becomes black from its multiple uses. This is from the bees tracking up and down it, as well as raising brood.

This cutout was a little on the ornery side and did not come willingly; we both took stings to our faces. How two bees got inside my veil remains a mystery. The next day I upgraded to a thicker suit and ducktaped all possible entries from the bees. These ladies have settled down nicely, and I have removed most of the rubberbands we used to secure them to the frames.

Mr. Hardman was hands on and helped with their removal from the beginning to the end. I would like to give him a big shoutout!

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