June 23, 2013/From the Hive

This cutout had been a recurring problem for the home owners. Last year they had honey bees removed right next to the spot this colony called home. The balcony wall was never rebuilt and made prime real estate for the new colony.

Notice the new comb (white/yellow color) which they had begun to fill with nectar and convert to honey. In fact, these ladies were storing more honey than they were raising brood. This is typical when there is a nectar flow. Their honey was amber in color and tasty! 

We under estimated the size of this hive. So, we had to break the concrete and rocks in the main rectangle of the balcony. The owners already had someone repairing the wall when he noticed the colony. I emphasized the importance of making sure that every division and crevice be sealed when he was finished. If he does not, the chances of another colony finding this real estate appealing is very likely.

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