February 28, 2013/From the Hive

Last weekend I added a deep super to The Squaw Valley Crew.  When I took a quick peek under the inner cover, they seemed to be short on honey stores.  Remember, these ladies began as a late Summer cut out and sit upon a double screened bottom board.

Out of the ten frames I added,  five of the frames had honey in them, three frames were drawn out with little resources, and two of the frames were just wired with starter strips. I attempted to strategically place the frames of honey together, right above the cluster.

I also added tar paper to the outside where the deep supers meet.  I did this because I didn’t think they would have enough time, before the temperature dropped, to propolise the boxes together. My thought was this would help stop the cold wind drafts from reaching the cluster.

As you can see, many of the ladies were checking out how/why their area just doubled.

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