August 16, 2012/From the Hive

After removing the top super of Hive 6, to check whether or not they needed another super, this is what I saw.

This is called burr comb, and many beekeepers scrape burr comb off  the top of their frames. I personally do not. It  creates a “ladder” for the bees to move from one super to the other and is collateral space.  In addition, in the Spring, it keeps the beekeeper from having to rotate his/her hive bodies, because all of the ladies can move with ease back down to the bottom of the hive.

I suppose the only bad part, of not scraping burr comb off the top of frames, is when you remove one super from another it tears the comb apart and exposes what is inside. In this case, liquid gold! However, the ladies will quickly eat this up, move the honey around, and repair the comb.

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