August 13, 2012/From the Hive

Last month I had a call from Rachael about a hive that had established itself between the exterior and interior walls of her home.

She was gracious enough to help label each individual section of exterior wooden shingle that I pulled off. This was done in an attempt to put the wall back together the exact way it was taken apart.  The cutout consisted of removing the blue exterior wooden shingle, a wooden backing for each shingle, black tar paper, and then several long wooden planks.

These ladies used a small gap in the wood siding, under the roof, and a gap in the corner of the wood, to enter/exit there hive. From looking at the age of their comb, and the size of the hive, I imagined they had been there for at least four years.

A really cool aspect of this removal: Rachael decided to try her hand in beekeeping, so we relocated this hive to the very back of her yard.

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