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Chunk Comb Honey Jar


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Chunk Comb Honey Jar

All Natural Pure Honey made by nature for you and me. Our honey is never heated and is coarsely strained, so all the nutritional and medicinal value remains in the jar. This is the best of both worlds! Glass one and a half pint mason jars filled with two pounds of our finest with long chunks of capped honey comb in them. Color varies from light, medium, to dark. If you have a preference, please make a note of it when ordering. Some people are not sure what to do with combs of honey, so here are a few ideas. Eat the chunk as is, then chew, eat, or spit the wax out. Remove the chunk from the container grab a  warm butter knife and slice sections for your toast, biscuits, or bagels. Throw a chunk in your pot of food that you would typically put sugar in, baked beans are one of my favorites. The more you buy the more you will need, and the cheaper it is per pound!

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